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A year in the life of a rural german shepherd
Kindle Edition - Kindle e-Book published October 31, 2011

Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook
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Friday – August 13, 2010
Markus is here! A cuter little guy never lived. But teeth…! My hands look like they lost an argument with angry barbed wire. First night in his crate produced four periods of caterwauling about two hours apart from each other. Lorrie plainly heard it through two closed doors on the other side of the house.

Saturday – August 14, 2010
Up at 0430 this morning. Markus was very pleased to be released. I hope tonight is an easier one for the boy. Went up to Mom’s to show him off. Met Steve and Pat on the way up and they got to greet him as well. Introduced him to Joel, who was on the mower. Camille was at Mom’s, and she enjoyed the puppy encounter greatly.

Markus arrived at our home as an eight-week-old ball of black and tan fur. This journal chronicles the triumphs, failures and adventures during his first year with us.
Markus lives just a little southeast of Brooksville, Florida in Hernando County. Pastures and tree nurseries dot the area, and the roads are a mixtures of both lime rock and asphalt surfaces.
Quiet generally reigns, unless the cattle in the area wish to practice their scales. There is plenty of wildlife in MarkusWorld: deer, raccoon, armadillo, possum, squirrel, boar, and fox. Markus has met and dealt with all except fox and boar.
Take a journey with Markus and me as he grows from furball to magnificent adolescence.

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